I’m always excited to try something new, and this soda from Cock’n Bull had an ingredient that I had no experience with. Would you believe that I’ve gone 33 years without tasting a lemon? I hope not. I’m talking about quinine. It’s the key ingredient in tonic water and a common treatment for malaria. Sounds like a party.

I talked about Cock’n Bull’s history with ginger beer in a previous post (click here). In addition to their great ginger beer, they also make some bitter sodas. For this review I tried the Bitter Lemon with Quinine but I’ll get around to reviewing the whole brand.


I apologize for the less than ideal photography of this soda, but I was slightly rushed and had to take them without my regular equipment. That didn’t change the flavor, though. True to the name, this really is a bitter soda. I tasted a strong lemon zest flavor moderately balanced with cane sugar. It’s not a dry soda, but the bitter lemon is dominant enough that it doesn’t taste very sweet. It reminds me a little bit of the New Zealand L&P soda I reviewed a while back, but the bitters flavor in L&P wasn’t as bold as the Cock’n Bull.

The quinine flavor kicks in as a secondary profile. The taste is a little hard to describe, but it had a sort of bitter mineral presence that lingered in the back of my throat. Reminded me a little of the taste of tylenol when it gets stuck on the way down. Did you know that different people experience the flavor of quinine in different ways? Apparently it’s a genetic thing. For some it’s very bitter, for others it’s not. There was a big research study about it, check it out.


I gave this a 6.8 out of 10 on my rating scale. I thought it was fine, but given the medicinal bitterness of the quinine I probably wouldn’t go back to it. With a squeeze of fresh lemon I might enjoy it more, but I think that most people would enjoy this more as part of a mixed drink rather than a stand-alone beverage. Your results may vary.

Sampled on 1/18/2017, purchased at Cost Plus World Market

This was bottled by the folks at Orca Beverage. For reviews of their other sodas, click here.

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