What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you blog about root beer. Then you try some root beer in Las Vegas and blog about it two weeks later. This was my first trip to Vegas and I. HIT. IT. HARD.

It’s under construction. Don’t judge.

We all know that’s not true. However, I did my homework and identified a brewery just off the strip that makes their own root beer. The Ellis Island Casino & Brewery has been around for the past 50 years (originally called the Village Pub). I got the distinct impression that this is a locals-targeted establishment. Part casino, part Denny’s, part karaoke bar. However, the brewery tanks and soon-to-be-completed patio show an effort to change that.

The planned renovation

And they serve root beer! The flavor was very approachable and crowd friendly. I’d call it a slightly minty brown sugar and caramel flavor profile with a mellow generic root body. It had a thick mouth feel and was easy to drink. Unfortunately, I thought the carbonation was lacking. It can be hard to find a balance between that thick texture and a good fizz. Regardless, it’s a nice root beer. I also liked the tall glass they served it in.

The root beer is good enough for an 8 out of 10 on my rating scale. While it’s only a block off the strip it might not be enough of a draw for most visitors, but if you find a nice root beer more exciting than Cirque du Soleil then stop by! It’s very low key, affordable, and the food looked pretty decent!


Be warned, the only food I actually tried with my root beer was an order of “Loaded Fries.” They were horrible. Check out my review here.

Catalog: Sampled on 11/28/2017